early learners academy

Calling all preschoolers and their grownups! Join cMoe on Thursday and Friday mornings for Early Learners’ Academy. ELA is designed specifically to develop your child’s essential skills and knowledge needed for school readiness. Each themed session is developed and led by our early childhood professionals and is based on the Indiana Early Learning Foundations.

Sessions are held on Thursday and Friday from 10:30-11:15 and require a parent/guardian to attend with the child. We actively encourage adults to engage and participate in the learning process during ELA sessions. ELA is intended for children aged 2-4 in preparation for preschool. Cost is $2.00 for members and $3.00 for non-members. Registration is required, please inquire at our front desk.

WEEK 1: SEPTEMBER 26 & 27: The Ocean – Explore the depths of the ocean and meet some of the animals that live beneath the waves!

WEEK 2: OCTOBER 3 & 4: Signs – Signs are made into every shape and color, and they are everywhere! We’ll find out a bit about what they mean and how to use them.

WEEK 3: OCTOBER 10 & 11: Food – Everyone needs to eat! This week, we’ll be learning about why food is so important, and what makes some foods taste so delicious!

WEEK 4: OCTOBER 17 & 18: Weather – The seasons have changed and the weather has too. But why does it happen every year? We’ll be experimenting to learn more!

WEEK 5: OCTOBER 24 & 25: Autumn – Autumn brings us bright colors and cool weather. We’ll be taking some time to appreciate all the wonderful things that happen this time of year.

WEEK 6: OCTOBER 31 & NOVEMBER 1: Halloween Mad Science Party – Put on your spookiest costume and join us to learn some amazing mad science experiments, Halloween history, and even go Trick Or Treating in cMoe!

Contact [email protected] for questions!